About Confluence

In conjunction with our much acclaimed CXO Round Table Conferences, LASSIB Society is hosting its Annual 2014 Global CXO Confluence comprising of

  1. POWER PACKED 1 hour panel discussion on “The Secrets of Success” among a panel of luminaries from different industries
  2. Insights into the “5 Threads of Success” – based on an yearlong industry research of LASSIB Society
  3. Self-realisation exercises on each of the 5 Threads of Success
  4. Awards ceremony and best practice sharing sessions
  5. Intriguing panel discussion on “The Importance and Need to Fail!”
  6. “The Biggest Failure Awards!”
  7. Networking opportunities including
    • 1 hour Lunch
    • 40 minutes Tea / Coffee

This is a rare opportunity to

  • Recognize the simple, yet secret Threads of Success
  • Listen and meet global luminaries
  • Learn best practices from award winning organizations around the world
  • Network with over 200 CXO’s and industry leaders

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